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Introducing The Risk Advisory Group’s

Corruption Challenges Index

T0 rank the countries, we considered the threat of corruption, the exposure of foreign investors to it and the availability of credible evidence and reliable information upon which to base integrity investigations in each country. We also reviewed the number of FCPA enforcement actions in each jurisdiction.

The Department of Justice and the Ministry of Justice have both issued guidance on what is required from companies for them to demonstrate that they are taking their obligations under the FCPA and the Bribery Act seriously. Their guidance, and subsequent prosecutions and plea bargains, places risk management front and centre.

We hope our study helps you in creating your risk model and formulating your integrity due diligence procedures.

If you would like to discuss our study, receive any help in formulating your risk management strategies or in conducting integrity due diligence please do contact us.

We have a global team of experts who can help.

Bill Waite
Group CEO
The Risk Advisory Group


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Welcome to The Risk Advisory Group’s Corruption Challenges Index.

Drawing on the experience of our expert analysts, we rank 181 countries to reveal the markets that pose the most - and the fewest - corruption challenges for investing businesses.